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Azad Graphic Advertising Agency

Azad Graphic Advertising Company is proud to be one of the most experienced advertising and graphic experts in the north of the country, with more than 15 years of experience in this field and a background of continuous cooperation with several public and private companies and institutions, as one of the most influential advertising companies in the region in the Various services and expert advice in this regard.

What matters to us in this, is the commitment we are taking alongside with you, and what is left for you is a quality never reliant on luck and happenstance.


The company’s existential philosophy is to provide innovative and outcome oriented customer service, and this is our commitment to customers and deeply embedded in our corporate culture

Activities of this collection:

Advertising advice

Graphic Design (Logo, administrative Set, Catalog, Brochure, Package, Book, Magazine (

Photography (Atelier, Outdoorـ)

Printing (offset, digital)

Peripheral advertising (billboard, storefronts, pedestrian bridges, etc.)

Promotional gifts (promotional set,pen and fountain pen,watch, cover, etc.)

Figure and statue (certificate of appreciation, Figure and statue)

Site design and multimedia

Some of our customers

Our pride is the satisfaction and trust of old customers and the trust and, ultimately, the satisfaction of new customers. It is hoped that your name will also be a golden leaf on our honors diary.

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